Interactivity and Engagement in Web Design

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The goals of creating a website is to catch the attention of the user. There are two key ways to do that, interactivity and engagement. Web interactivity deals with getting the user involved. The user wants to feel comfortable when they are on your site. A few examples of this are a 3Dimensional Cube or a 3Dimensional Flip book. These are complete experiences, they engage the user (Poonam). “The use of interactivities woven very creatively with website content makes them successful in capturing user-attention” (Poonam). Draw your user in and then use interactivity to continue to hold their attention. Pooman brings up a few great examples. One great one being As soon as you enter the page a video begins about the latest Harry Potter news. Your cursor also becomes a wand. You are able to choose to enter the site or you enter it when the video is complete. When you enter a pop up shows up and asks if you want to sign up for updates, you can or you are able to just choose close. Throughout this website your cursor is a wand. Once in the main page you are able to make movements with the wand that teach you different Capriglione 2 things about the site. This site really kept me intrigued even though I didn’t care for the content on it. User engagement will keep the user on your page, even if they were not looking for your page they will continue to look through it. If a user is that fascinated by your page they will then show it to someone else. User engagement is usually tracked through time spent on the page, scrolling, clicking anything that shows the person is actually on and interested in the page (Baker). There are numerous ways to achieve this user engagement some being; Animation, web graphics, and layering effects (Cao). You want something that will keep your audience/user engaged and clicking!

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